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At Kuchman Tactical we provide USCCA professional firearms training and education, as well as full development services for all manner of tactical applications.
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We Teach, Train, Develop and Inspire.We Are Coaches

Our team leverages decades of formal military and special forces firearms training and practiced experience. This experience allows a framework for our team to provide a robust synopsis for high-level coaching of firearms and development of training and education for the consumer and professional.
Kuchman Tactical is a consumer-focused organization dedicated to education and opening a world of tactical ingenuity to responsible gun owners. Kuchman Tactical offers safe, practical training and education solutions developed by the US Navy SEALS and the USCCA. At Kuchman Tactical we aim towards developing individuals from ordinary to extraordinary by training students to responsibly handle and employ their firearms safely in any situation. You can trust and count on our instructors to give you premium instruction and help you develop the passion, inspiration, confidence & empowerment of owning and using a firearm responsibly.

KUCHMAN TACTICALOur Dedicated Coaching Team

kelly kuchman Navy SEAL Firearms instructor


Mr. Kuchman served 20 years in the United States Navy. Spending 15 years as a SEAL he supervised and coached BUDS evolutions on underwater demolition, physical fitness, mindset, drills, and tactics which also included final evaluations for graduation. He deployed around the world training instructors in delivering high-risk evolutions & coordinated with foreign nationals, supervised training and planned tactical exercises and ops. Kuch has conducted direct action and special reconnaissance missions, inserted and extracted special operations personnel from a variety of unfriendly environments around the world.

Mac Green Beret special operator


Mr. McLamore served 20 years in the United States Army. Spending 13 years as a Green Beret (Special Forces) Team Sergeant, Assistant Operations/Intelligence Sergeant, and Engineer Sergeant. As a Team Member, he conducted Special Reconnaissance, Joint Combined Exchange Training, Foreign Internal Defense Missions and Joint Task Force-6 Counter Narcotic Operations in support of federal, state and local law enforcement. Mack has deployed around the world instructing host country foreign nationals in firearms training, special reconnaissance, and Special Forces Target Introduction (Sniper) techniques.

USCCA Certified Coaches & Trainers

Three reasons to take the USCCA Certificate Concealed Carry course with Kuchman Tactical now.
1. It’s Your 2nd Amendment Right
Many of us forget about our rights until they are in jeopardy. Exercising your rights as a law-abiding American citizen is a privilege we all should not take for granted.
Preparation for Protection
Timing is everything when it comes to unforeseen danger. Delaying training and preparation against threats leave you exposed and open to attack. Preparation and robust training is always the best protection.
3. Know Your Legal Rights
There has never been an easier way to ensure your safety with your concealed carry permit through award-winning training with the USCCA. You must know your rights and legal obligations and how to exercise them.

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USCCA Certified – Mindful Firearms Training & Education. We teach, train, develop and inspire. We coach responsible gun ownership and new techniques of marksmanship through the training methods used by the most elite, highly-trained soldiers in the world.


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